These are some of the questions that were asked during the course of the Partnership’s work.

Questions about the MRWS process in West Cumbria:

1. What was the West Cumbria MRWS Partnership?

2. Why should we even consider having a geological disposal facility here?

3. Which other areas of the UK have expressed an interest in this process?

4. How is this different to the Nirex process in the 1990s?

5. What will happen next?

6. Why not have a referendum?

7. Who will take the decision whether or not to participate in the next stage of this process?

8. Will the community where the facility would be sited have a veto?

9. Can we rely on the right of withdrawal?

10. What if the area decides not to participate? Could this area then be forced to host a facility?

Questions about geological disposal:

11. What is the waste that would be included in the geological disposal facility?

12. How long is the waste active and dangerous for?

13. Why was the Partnership only looking at geological disposal?

14. How would a geological disposal facility stop radioactivity returning to the surface?

15. Would it be possible to take the waste out once it has been put into the facility?

16. How big would a facility be? What would it look like?

17. Is this connected with plans to build new nuclear power stations?

18. How does this differ from very low level waste going to landfill?

19. Hasn't West Cumbria already been found to be geologically unsuitable?

20. What was the geological screening study?

21. What does it mean if an area is screened out or not screened out?

22. Could safety be ensured if the facility does go ahead?

23. Who will regulate the safety of any geological disposal facility?

24. Does the risk of earthquakes in West Cumbria mean we should not be considering siting a repository in the area?

25. What impacts might a repository have on the area?

26. What about the spoil that would come from the construction of a repository?

27. How might this affect the Lake District National Park?

28. What additional benefits could there be for the community?

29. How much waste would go into a repository?

30. Why are there so many questions that remain unanswered?

You can download a PDF version of the Q&As here.

Further information about geological disposal and the siting process can be found by reading the Department of Energy and Climate Change FAQs and also the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's FAQs.

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