Public and stakeholder engagement

Public and stakeholder engagement (PSE) was central to the work of the Partnership.  Three stages of engagement were built into its Work Programme in order to inform, seek input from and give feedback to the general public and stakeholder organisations in West Cumbria, the rest of Cumbria and beyond.

The first two rounds of engagement

The first two rounds of engagement (PSE1 November 2009 to March 2010, and PSE2 November 2010 to February 2011) involved a variety of activities including: presentations at neighbourhood forums; Residents' and Citizens' Panels; workshops with stakeholder organisations; a discussion pack (enabling discussions of key issues in small groups to provide feedback to the Partnership); community drop-in events; and a large amount of information giving through media channels, newsletters, leaflets, e-bulletins and this website.

The objectives of these stages were primarily to build an understanding of the Partnership's work and of the overall MRWS process in West Cumbria amongst the public and stakeholder organisations, and for the Partnership to understand what the key issues are for the public and stakeholders.  PSE2 also sought specific input on a number of issues.

Further information on these first two stages of PSE can be found here.

The Partnership took account of the outcomes of PSE1 and PSE2 in the development of its initial opinions which were consulted on in the third and final round of engagement.

The formal consultation and opinion survey

The Partnership's third round of public and stakeholder engagement (PSE3) took place between November 2011 and March 2012.  It involved the formal consultation stage in which the Partnership sought views on it initial opinions across all of the topics in its Work Programme, and an opinion survey which provided an understanding of public views on the MRWS process in a statistically representative way.  

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