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This is a historical record of the news releases that were issued during the course of the Partnership’s work.

The following news releases are available for your viewing:

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17/01/2011   West Cumbrians to get an update on underground nuclear waste scheme   read >>
16/12/2010   Cumbrians have their say on nuclear waste disposal   read >>
07/12/2010   Letter to the News & Star on 7th December on involving local people in decision making   read >>
02/12/2010   Letter to the Whitehaven News on 2nd December on safety   read >>
30/11/2010   Letter from the Partnership to the Whitehaven News on 25th November   read >>
17/11/2010   Public drop-in events to be held across Cumbria as part of discussions about a repository for higher activity nuclear waste   read >>
09/11/2010   Residents of West Cumbria encouraged to have their say on a possible underground nuclear waste repository   read >>
28/10/2010   Cumbrians given chance to find out more about the Government’s search for an underground radioactive waste facility   read >>
06/10/2010   West Cumbria Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Partnership restarts its work   read >>
30/09/2010   BBC Radio 4 programme on higher activity radioactive waste   read >>

  1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-44

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