This website provides information about the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) process in West Cumbria and the work of the West Cumbria MRWS Partnership.   The Partnership completed its work in July 2012.   The website is provided as a publicly accessible record of its work and a library of the documents produced and considered by the Partnership.

Allerdale Borough Council, Copeland Borough Council and Cumbria County Council made their decisions about whether or not to take part in the next stage of the Government’s search for somewhere to locate a repository for the UK’s higher activity radioactive waste on 30th January 2013.   Both Copeland and Allerdale Borough Council decided to participate whilst Cumbria County Council decided to withdraw.   More information on the specific decisions can be found by clicking on the three links below.

In response to two councils wishing to proceed, and one wishing to withdraw, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) released a statement saying that the current site selection process has been brought to a close in West Cumbria.   Click here for the full DECC statement.

As the current MRWS process has been brought to a close in West Cumbria this website will remain live for public access but will not be updated or amended as from March 2013.